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A message from the Lord Mayor of Adelaide

Posted on January 21 2019

Lord Mayor of Adelaide Sandy Verschoor

Ninna marni (hello).


On Australia Day the City of Adelaide celebrates our nation’s diversity and community spirit.

More than 4,000 people from more than 100 multi-cultural and community groups take part in the annual Australia Day parade which is followed by a huge gathering of families and a special concert in Tarntanya (Elder Park) which unites us all in a common bond of community pride.

In the City of Adelaide, we are truly lucky. We enjoy a lifestyle that many around the world and nation can only dream about – with some of the best offering in food and wine, arts and culture, all happening underneath our clear blue skies.

Plus there is a genuine sense of collaboration between all levels of government, business, and the community all working in concert to create a creative, innovative and successful city.

Over this year’s Australia Day long weekend, come and see a very special lighting display along the Torrens River titled ‘Kumangka, Mukapainga, Tampinga’ which will project the faces of prominent Aboriginal Ancestors and leaders. These are people who have committed to bettering the lives and identities of Aboriginal people in South Australia and abroad.

What a spectacular way to acknowledge, remember and recognise Aboriginal people who have contributed to our community, and those of which who are leading the way for our younger generations to follow.

Australia Day is an opportunity for us to celebrate the many fine people from so many different walks of life who have made contributions to Australia.

I am a proud Australian, privileged to live in a fair and just society, where diversity is celebrated and encouraged.

Here’s to an excellent 2019.

Nakutha (see you soon)


Sandy Verschoor

Lord Mayor of Adelaide


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