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When Passions and Values Align

Posted on July 05 2019

A message from our valued partner: OJO Creative


Ojo Creative - partner of Australia Day Council of South Australia

At OJO, we’re all about creating solutions that stand out, engage and inspire. Passionate designers, working with equally passionate clients, striving for a common vision for positive engagement and meaningful connection. We aim to build brands that help facilitate change, not merely for the financial gain of the company or organisation, but for the benefit of community and environment whenever possible.

Brands that define the intrinsic character of our client’s business, informed by a solid process of exploration, distillation and strategic thinking to deliver functional, enduring and effective design solutions.

It’s when we’re able to align these core skills with our ethics and values that we can extend this ideal beyond the superficial and create something of real benefit to community.

Through our connection with Argon as their design and branding partner, OJO have had the opportunity to work with The Australia Day Council of South Australia (ADCSA) on many of their projects while our Creative Director Mark Pearce was working with Argon. Business has changed and now Argon and OJO work alongside one another which enables a strong focus on their individual fields, Argon website and OJO design and brand.

ADCSA is an independent, non-profit, membership-based association with a vision is to inspire national pride and spirit to enrich the life of all Australians. Working with and for the South Australian community, they unite its people through the celebration of excellence within communities and support healthy debate and discussion around our national identity.

They are an organisation that is keen to showcase Australians at their best, to stand with organisations that are committed to service and who are making a genuine difference in people’s lives.

OJO believe in the ADCSA vision and feel very strongly about the work they do for the South Australian community. It is our pleasure to work with mindful organisations such as this and look forward to assisting ADCSA in strengthening of their brand both creatively and through the participation and active involvement at their many events and community gatherings.


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