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Access 2 Place Housing 



ADCSA is thrilled to partner with Access 2 Place Housing (A2P) for the Australian of the Year Luncheon featuring Dylan Alcott AM Australian of the Year 2022. Our partnerships amplify the incredible impact that organisation's and their people make within our society - reminding Australians how good we can be when we are at our best. 

A2P invites you to now learn more about their impact within South Australia.

"Dylan Alcott AM has spoken extensively about accessibility and representation, which is core to what we do at A2P. So, let us take this opportunity to introduce ourselves to you.

A2P is a not-for-profit community housing provider. We offer affordable and accessible housing to people living with disability in South Australia. We work closely with tenants, families and supports to find suitable long-term housing and we’re incredibly proud of our latest ambitious building program.

We’ve embarked on a proactive development program that includes 20 individual projects constructed to SDA design standards. This is made up of 14 Robust homes, five High Physical Support, and one Improved Liveability.

The 14 purpose-built Robust homes will be the largest collection of contemporary designed hardened homes in South Australia.

We’ve committed to fund the purchase of land and construction for these new homes, with complete involvement from the tenant, their family and support providers. Each has been tenant-led experience, with A2P discussing housing needs with the potential tenant, and taking into account their personal circumstances. The tenant group is involved with selection of the vacant land, floorplan design, specification and selections.

The outcome? Homes which will exceed the minimum NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation guidelines and meets the personal needs of the tenant, who will have security of tenure in the new home.

The tenants will enjoy generous and well-designed floor plans which incorporate assistive technology features that not only provide a home but will also assist in improving the quality of their lives, with the potential to build their capacity to become more independent and participate further in the community.

We have two sites side-by-side in the inner southern suburbs. One will include four young adults who requested to live in a newly built share home. It’s been designed with well-appointed bedrooms, two living areas and an outdoor BBQ area. The second will be a High Physical Support designed home which will accommodate a new tenant, along with his mother and brother, who are his carers. This property has similar features, along with further assistive technology including adjustable benchtops to improve the occupants’ quality of life and wellbeing.

Both projects have been designed and specified with the full cooperation and input of the tenant and families involved. We can’t wait to complete construction and help our tenants settle in.

In addition to these projects now underway, A2P built six Fully Accessible homes at Aldinga Beach in late 2021. These have proved to be immensely popular with the tenants, in a great location within easy access to a shopping centre and nearby walking trails."

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