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Australia Day Ambassadors

Samoda Silva
Joel Bayliss


The Australia Day Ambassador Program is the cornerstone of local Australia Day celebrations. Each year over 300 Ambassadors generously volunteer their time and energy to visit regional and metropolitan areas across the nation to inspire and unite communities.

Our Ambassadors are inspirational and deeply respected community leaders within South Australia. These individuals embrace communities, share insights from their varied lived experiences, reflect on who we are as a nation and celebrate our diversity.

The benefits of having an Australia Day Ambassador at Australia Day celebrations include -

  • The opportunity for local community to meet and listen to Australians who have distinguished themselves by their contribution to their country
  • They are a drawcard for regional celebrations
  • The chance to hear stories of the Ambassador's achievements which illustrate the many opportunities Australia offers
  • The opportunity to reinforce the diversity of achievers in Australia


Our Ambassadors Experiences Australia Day 2022


Meet our Australia Day Ambassadors


Gabrielle Kelly AM

Samoda Silva
Vicky Welgraven AM

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