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Carole Whitelock


Columnist, MC and former radio ABC commentator

Carole was born in London and grew up with the BBC. She worked firstly in the travel business and, after marrying, spent three years in Singapore with her Royal Marine husband. She worked for the Intelligence Corps there (as a civilian) at a time when there was some really nasty espionage going on, just as we read in the thrillers. On return to UK she worked for a newspaper in York. Carole came to S.A. in 1972. Her introduction to the ABC in 1980 was via a series of auditions which came about quite accidentally. Thirty-two happy and roller coaster years followed with standout experiences including introducing the Dalai Lama at the Entertainment Centre, broadcasting from a hot air balloon and swimming with Jock, the randy dolphin, in the Port River. Carole now writes a weekly column in The Advertiser Boomer magazine, undertakes to MC some events and enjoys having some personal leisure!


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