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Citizenship Ceremonies

Citizenship Ceremonies Australia Day

Australian citizenship is more than just a ceremony and forms an important part of Australia Day celebrations. It symbolises our unity as a nation. It represents commitment to Australia and its people, the values we share and our common future. It also symbolises the sense of belonging to the country where we have been born or where we have decided to make our home. Australian citizenship is a shared identity, a common bond which unites all Australians while respecting our diversity.

Citizenship ceremonies are generally conducted by local government councils and can be held on Australia Day as part of the program of events. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection administers citizenship ceremonies. The Department notifies local government regarding new citizens in their area. There are clear protocols which must be followed in relation to Citizenship ceremonies.

In South Australia 1295 people from 85 Countries became new citizens in 37 ceremonies on Australia Day, at Council and Committee events throughout the state. 

Find more information at the Australian citizenship website.

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