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Gabrielle Kelly AM

Wellbeing advocate, digital pioneer and filmmaker

All her life, Gabrielle Kelly has helped to shape the public's understanding of wellbeing in society, including children's development, social justice, environmental protection and psychological wellbeing. Starting out as a high school teacher, Gabrielle moved into writing and presenting national children's television.

Later, she made some of the first substantial documentaries about climate change. She was a founding Board Member of Screen Australia, Australia's national film investment fund and started and chaired the first Australian International Documentary Conference, still running.

In Adelaide, Sydney and New York during the internet boom years, Gabrielle was also an early leader in the digital industry before leading the Adelaide Thinkers in Residence program.

As founding Director of the SAHMRI Wellbeing and Resilience Centre, Gabrielle built an internationally recognised wellbeing and resilience research hub and developed a successful wellbeing implementation approach , now commercialised, to measure and build wellbeing at scale.

Gabrielle has presented locally, nationally and internationally on the science of wellbeing and how it can improve lives. She now speaks and consults on the Wellbeing of People and Planet, currently working on a digital/film project that celebrates SA's remarkable achievement in renewable energy.

Her dedication to giving the public the information they need to support democratic participation and a better future, has helped make the world a better place.


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