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Homeland Part 1: By Matcho Cassidy

Homeland Part 1:

Sometimes I wonder
I wonder where my homeland is...
 Is it here or there.
or somewhere in-between...
 But I only wonder this sometimes 
 I know that bridging the gap can only be crossed
if the connection is inherited 
but for me I struggled to hold onto that heritage,
the ideas that most of us are blessed with…
The comfort of not feeling
like I’m meant to be somewhere else
when I’m here
Realising that thousands of miles away
adaptations go astray
and what happens between homes is unknown to most
The feelings I felt growing up
was a fear of not knowing myself.
See when I was a child
I never felt more outside of the box,
not being able to tick
when it came to selecting one ethnicity,
they thought that two was a lot,
not being able to cope
no matter which side of the globe
I was on,
only half of me
was accepted,
see I’ve always fallen within the cracks
of the land I stand in,
not knowing if I …
…belong anywhere… 
Not until I started realising
that I don’t need anyone to accept me
for the land is what gives acceptance,
My home
is where I’ve been inherited….
 Like the current of the sea
pushes water between the lands and my feet
as I look into the horizon
trying to find my reflection in the sea,
trying to scope my homeland
when I’m standing on the beach,
I don’t realise
that I’m
Sometimes I wonder…
By Matcho Cassidy
A conceptual writer and performance poet, Matcho is heavily involved in a range of art forms; acting in the 2017 Australian film Cargo (starring Martin Freeman), performing and featuring as a spoken word artist at Captain Rehab, Tenx9Adelaide and Oz Asia's Lucky Dumpling Market etc.

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