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Ingrid Kennerley

Mental health advocate

Ingrid is the kind of no-fuss, steadfast, community-minded person who helps to make our towns and districts such great places to live. Ingrid’s peers note that she is a true community leader: she leads by example with her strong community values, dedication through volunteering, and her personal inspirational manner and attitude. After her husband’s suicide, Ingrid displayed incredible strength and resilience, guiding her children through the tragedy, and maintaining her volunteering and support roles that are so vital to small communities. In particular, she served the Cummins and Districts War Memorial Swimming Pool as Committee Member / Treasurer (still ongoing after 14 years), the Rambler Netball Club as Committee Member and various other positions, and the RNC Canteen Committee Representative as Treasurer.

It is said that everyone in the District Council of Lower Eyre Peninsula knows Ingrid and has had some connection with her through her various events or clubs and her reputation is widely recognised by its dedication, resilience, strength, and enduring commitment.

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