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Jenny Williams

Organisational psychologist specialising in sport science

Jenny is an Organisational Psychologist with a background in sport science, physical education teaching and consultancy. As a sportswoman Jenny was inducted into the SA Sports Hall of Fame in 2013 for her performances in State and Australian Lacrosse teams as a Captain and Coach where she won a world championship Gold, Silver and Bronze medals and 12 national titles. She also represented the State in Cricket, Soccer, Touch Football and Captained the first state women’s AFL team and was AFL woman of the year in 2003.

Jenny’s professional life revolves around sport, people, leadership, group performances and helping others get the best out of their professional and personal life. She was women’s advisor to the Minister of Sport in the 90s and has carried that advocacy throughout her career. Jenny is married to Mark, mum to Ellen and mentor to a wide variety of people who visit her home and subsequently become part of her extended family. She has a particular passion for social psychology, especially in its role in decision making. She is always seeking new science-based knowledge in a bid to connect the dots of life. Jenny loves singing, dancing and believes we should teach others to live with a joy of connectedness and purpose. In 2018 she was awarded the Marg Ralston “Golden Door Award’ for her services to Women’s Sport and in 2019 she was named in the top 25 Influential Sportswomen in SA.

Jenny’s knowledge, specific programs, and book, “Think Prepare Play like a Champion” are based on best practice and great minds such as Nobel prize winner Daniel Kahneman. Jenny’s presentations or presence at an event, promise to educate, entertain and challenge individuals to take new ideas and put them into practice all within an atmosphere of care and drive.


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