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Joanne Hedges - The University of Adelaide

Joanne Hedges


Joanne's Lifechanging Research 

ADCSA is thrilled to partner with The University of Adelaide for the Australian of the Year Luncheon featuring Dylan Alcott AM Australian of the Year 2022. Our partnerships amplify the incredible impact that organisation's and their people make within society - reminding Australians how good we can be when we are at our best.

We invite you learn about the Indigenous Oral Health Unit (IOHU) at The University of Adelaide with particular focus on Joanne Hedge's research work and its impact across indigenous communities in South Australia.

Joanne is Director of the University's Indigenous Oral Health Unit (IOHU) - part of their Australian Research Centre for Population Oral Health (ARCPOH) has been awarded a $3.1m grant from the National Health and Medical Research Council for the continuation of their world-leading study into human papillomavirus (HPV) in Indigenous Australians. 

Led by Joanne Hedges, the IOHU research found that throat cancers caused by HPV are 15 times more prevalent in Indigenous Australians than young non-Indigenous Australians.

The grant will allow the team to continue conducting clinical examinations to test for early stages of cancer, with their ultimate goal to detect early signs of HPV-related oropharyngeal cancer before it becomes fatal.

More more about this work here

Ms Joanne Hedges | Researcher Profiles (

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