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Mark Le Messurier SA Senior Australian of the Year 2022

Mark Le Messurier

Our inspirational Mark Le Messurier State Recipient Senior Australian of the Year 2022 - Helping young people that are struggling to find their superpower

My passion is inspired by the hurt and confusion young people feel as they face unexpected, unfair, and unkind challenges in life.

A large group of young people in our community struggle to connect, to learn and make meaningful friendships with peers. Yet, we know this is a sure trigger for future mental health issues. Already we are losing too many young Australians each year because they struggle to connect, trust, share, or find services to help. To do too little, or nothing, against the menace of loneliness, sadness, depression, and suicide is unacceptable.

Teaching young people the skills, and desire, to live generously in a community is the essence of our ‘What’s the Buzz?’ programs. Our ambition was to create an evidence based ‘social and emotional literacy program’ that would bring kids, teens, and young adults together. It also needed to be highly accessible and affordable. So, we priced a proven, quality approach at the very low end of the market.

11 years on, ‘What’s the Buzz?’ is being used daily in more than 90 countries, in hundreds of schools world-wide, by hundreds of mental health and wellbeing practitioners, and in hundreds of community-based groups. Thousands of vulnerable young people have found, and continue to find, connection, friendship, purpose, and skill development through this simple, flexible program.

Anyone can run it anywhere! All that’s required is a beautiful adult, or two, whose hearts and heads are connected to the wellbeing of our youth.

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