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Michele Lally


Agriculture advocate

Michele and her husband Philip spent over 9 years developing the Savannah brand in the Clare Valley, coining the phrase of "stress free" and being pioneers in the ethical treatment of animals to ensure a higher quality end-product on your plate.

A focus on sustainability and the environment were key areas identified, and processes were put in place to change the direction and dynamics of the long-held family farm. This included planting out the river system along the farm with salt-grow eucalypt hybrid trees, planting shelter belts and fence lines to provide the stock with locations during inclement weather. This is now being further developed with contour fencing, forage alley systems for different species and multi species pasture cropping techniques to assist with healthy stock and thus nourishing and healing food offerings. The couple plan to plant restorative trees over the coming 5 years, which will include a dehesa system of oaks and deciduous trees to reload the ground with carbon and humus, high protein forage trees to assist during times of low fodder, as well as protective alleyways and shelter belts and silviculture systems for highly valuable and productive trees. This will amount to approximately 13000 trees and shrubs being planted over the coming 5-10 years.

As a fifth generation family of farmers they have set out to build a community of regenerative farmers on their farm by designing a socially responsible intern accelerator program assisting young people who want to farm, a place to do so with some support mechanisms around them as they start out. Michele’s most recent venture is Australian Micro Abattoirs which builds and installs small scale abattoir solutions to offer farmers a new way to sell their livestock, control their supply chain and increase farmgate profits. Australian Micro Abattoirs is a start-up company in the meat industry supply chain. Innovative and dynamic, the team collectively has extensive experience in agriculture, marketing, technology, science extension projects and meat processing. The business is small, high paced and has won National and SA awards.


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