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Mobo Group - Australian of the Year Luncheon 2022 Partner


Mobo Group

 ADCSA is thrilled to partner with Mobo Group for the Australian of the Year Luncheon featuring Dylan Alcott AM Australian of the Year 2022.

Our partnerships amplify the incredible impact that organisation's and their people make within our society - reminding Australians how good we can be when we are at our best. 

Mobo Group invites you to now learn more about their impact within South Australia.

Employing a person living with a disability can offer tangible benefits to an organisation facing recruitment challenges, according to the head of leading disability employment solutions specialist, Mobo Group.

Mobo Group, a not-for-profit values-driven organisation which supports people living with disability to find meaningful and sustainable employment, is currently helping more than 400 jobseekers with a disability to find work across South Australia.

"Worker shortages and recruitment challenges are being felt across many industries. This is making employers open their minds to considering alternative solutions to the recruitment challenges they face, which includes people living with a disability. We find employers are now more open to greater flexibility and job-sharing arrangements than ever before. This certainly makes considering employing people living with disability more desirable as they can benefit from fewer working days or hours in a week. There is a great opportunity to consider employing people who are living with disability as they bring great value and capabilities to a workplace. It’s about giving people with a disability the same opportunities as everyone else. When organisations partner with disability employment providers, such as Mobo Group who give support to both the jobseekers and the employers, it can make a difference in filling vacant roles quickly and effectively. We have seen a steady increase in people living with a disability seeking employment, as more jobs become available which offer the type of work and hours that suit them. Casual and part-time work can be a great fit for a person living with a disability. Employers are increasingly becoming more aware that there is external support available to make employing people living with a disability possible and desirable. In addition to assisting jobseekers gain employment with other employers, Mobo Group also operates its own portfolio of social enterprises. More than 150 of our 250 strong workforce are engaged in the social enterprise operations have some form of intellectual disability and it is this diversity that makes the organisation better.  Mobo Group is committed to creating more opportunities for all people living with a disability to enter into the meaningful employment of their choosing. Being equipped, like Mobo Group, to assist people living with a disability into a wide variety of employment options is truly rewarding and delivers better outcomes. Our employees offer a unique set of skills that any business could benefit from.  When people with a disability know they are valued in the work they do – it enables them to be the best they can be. At Mobo Group we aim to share our experiences, look for solutions, and give every Australian with a disability the opportunity to work towards - and achieve - meaningful and sustainable employment. For our people, it’s more than a job. It’s the value found in social and economic participation. It’s knowing what they do matters.”  Andrew Ramsey CEO Mobo Group.

Mobo Group provides employers support, advice, and guidance on how workplaces can readily adapt to employing people living with disability, and this service is free.

More opportunities, better outcomes. For more information, visit

About Mobo Group
Adelaide-based Mobo Group is a leading not-for-profit disability services provider, assisting people with a disability to find meaningful work.
Mobo Group provides free ongoing support to job seekers and employers to provide tailored recruitment solutions. It also provides employment and related support services to over 185 NDIS participants who work as supported employees across its 7 social enterprise sites covering metropolitan and regional areas of South Australia.
Mobo Group has helped more than 100 job seekers into employment in the past 12 months.

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