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Samoda Silva


Samoda Silva
Youth Leader, Advocate for Languages and Culture

Samoda is a university student studying Law/Media and Italian, a first-generation migrant of Sri Lankan background and an active contributor to her local community. Samoda has demonstrated effective leadership through presidency roles with community organisations including Muthuhara Adelaide. Her dedication and tireless efforts to promote Sri Lankan language and culture are demonstrated by her involvement in hosting, editing, and recording several Sri Lankan television and radio programs such as Adelaide Lakhanda and Vishvavahini. Samoda is passionate about advocating for an inclusive and diverse Australia and promoting multicultural understanding and awareness. Furthermore, Samoda speaks four languages; English, Sinhala, Italian and Japanese, which in combination made her the recipient of the 2021 Australia Day Council Leadership in Languages Award. Samoda was also a recipient of the Order of Australia Association Student Citizenship Award in 2020 for her contributions to her school and local community.


Samoda is incredibly humbled and fortunate to be an Australia Day Ambassador. She hopes to use this opportunity to engage with the inspiring people of South Australia and promote the understanding of what Australia Day should all be about, reflecting on and recognising Australia’s past, and shaping its future and what it means to be Australian.

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