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Tips for Nomination - Award for Leadership in Languages and Cultures

The best nominations are those that tell a story and capture the characteristics of an extraordinary young person making a difference.

Here are some tips for writing a stand-out nomination about your inspiring student, colleague or community champion, friend or family member: 


Open with the important information

Start with a clear and specific statement that outlines why your nominee is worthy of an Award for Leadership in Languages and Cultures. Ask yourself: What activities or actions has the nominee undertaken that stand out? What has the nominee accomplished that goes above and beyond? What special skills or talents have they employed? How have they showed their leadership skills? Why are you motivated to nominate this person?


Share their story

Strengthen your nomination by helping us get to know the person. What motivates them to make a difference? How and why do they inspire others? How does this person make you feel?


Don’t just say it, prove it

Use examples that demonstrate why your nominee is an inspiring role model. We want to know the story and the impact they have made.


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