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Shazia Choudhry

Pakistani Australian Connections of South Australia 

Shazia Choudhry is a Human Resource and Knowledge Management Professional and certified Trainer and Assessor. Her career spans over 15 years, including a variety of senior roles in the field of human resource, training and assessment, internal audit, policy development, strategic planning and governance, programs and project management, conferences, and event management. She has served in key managerial positions in both the public and private sectors in the United Arab Emirates, Australia and Pakistan.

Human service and faith are Shazia’s passions hence her active association with NGOs, community service organisations and Islamic associations, either as a staff member or as a volunteer. Currently, Shazia is engaged in teaching, counselling, event management, continuing her studies and managing her family life - striving to maintain a healthy balance between all. She has designed and been delivering job readiness programs for new arrivals and job seekers in Adelaide for the past four years. She also continues to provide consultancy\advisory services, as an independent consultant and trainer, to organisations in Australia, GCC, UK, Pakistan and India.

Shazia is passionate about making moments joyfully and pleasantly memorable and making a positive difference at personal, familial and at a wider societal level and hence she is an active part of many social causes. Her main aim at the moment is to be a good support and a strong voice for new immigrants, CALD communities, women and children. She was the only Pakistani and Muslim female participating in the SANFL Inter-Nations Cup 2019, to promote and encourage female and particularly Muslim females’ participation in sports in Australia.

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