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Taryn Brumfitt

Body image advocate

Taryn’s mission is to teach people the value and power of loving their bodies. A Film Director, Author, International keynote speaker and founder of The Body Image Movement, she gained global attention in 2013 when her unconventional ‘before and after’ personal photos went viral.

The images sparked a conversation across the world about the harmful effects of unrealistic body images on people’s health, happiness and self-esteem. Since then, Taryn has dedicated six years and over half a million dollars of her own (and husband Mat’s) money to become a leading activist for positive body image.

Her 2016 documentary, Embrace, struck a nerve with millions of people around the world, inviting them to question media-created standards of beauty and to learn to love and embrace their bodies – above, and in spite of, what society values. Taryn’s work has positively influenced girls and women, men and boys across Australia and internationally. Importantly, it is also influencing media outlets to promote body diversity, and redefining ideals about health.

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